Byrum’s Grocery and Grill was a dream that became a reality for Olin and Libby Byrum in April of 1972. It started when they opened an old two-story, cinder block building that sat much closer to New Hope Road than the current building sits today. The couple had previously lived in places as far away as Roanoke, Virginia, but Olin was ready to put down roots after having been a traveling salesman for Cato Corporation. Olin and Libby, raised in Waxhaw and Belmont, North Carolina, respectively, were fond of this area and knew it well. The Byrums found the old two-story building that would become “Byrum’s Grocery” and decided to buy it. They intended to build and occupy a beautiful home on some property behind the store, but construction doesn’t happen overnight. Olin and Libby along with their three small children, Olin, Greg, and Amy moved into the second story of the old cinder block building and lived there until their new home was built.


As times changed, the Byrums saw fit to open the current building in January of 1985. At this point, their emphasis shifted from “grocery” to “grill”. The grill started very small – just one bar seating area where many of our now-regular customers sat all those years ago. These days, we consider them very close friends and still take pleasure in serving them. Word of mouth carried the buzz about Byrum’s great food; the need for more seating area developed over time, and the grill expanded its dining space in the mid-90’s. Following this expansion, the building transformed into the structure you can see from New Hope Road today.

It is a privilege to have been an integral part of this community since 1972. We’ve met many wonderful people – not only have we served them, but we have befriended them. Our goal is to provide high quality food at a reasonable price. We welcome the opportunity to serve and befriend you in the near future!

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